Sustainable Producers of High Quality ZnO

The UK’s only Zinc Oxide producer.

With capacity to produce more than 8,000T of zinc oxide annually we can supply UK and European markets with a variety of oxides to short lead times.

Sustainability and quality are at the heart of our operation. Our customers can be confident that our zinc oxide is produced and delivered efficiently and sustainably as part of our drive towards net zero.

About us

In 2019 we designed and built the only ZnO production facility located in the UK. Previously waste material would be shipped overseas to be processed, then reimported as zinc oxide months later.

Opening a UK-based facility is not only better for our UK and European customers in terms of lead times, it significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Products and applications

We have the capacity and the capability to produce various grades of oxide including White Seal, Red Seal and High Grade.

Our oxides are used in a variety of sectors including rubber production, ceramics, paint and agriculture.

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Mike Gawne - Director

Quality Control

Quality control is a key factor in the production of zinc oxide. Our in-house laboratory tests materials at every stage of the production process, from raw material feed through to the finished ZnO product.

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Do you have waste to sell? Our facility has been custom designed to produce zinc oxide from secondary and waste feeds including galvanizing dross and diecast scrap.