Products and Applications

We produce various grades of oxide including White Seal, Red Seal and High Grade.

The zinc oxide is packed into 25KG sacks or 1,000KG bulk packs equipped with discharge chutes.

For larger orders we offer specific quality campaigns depending on the requirements of the customer.

Tyres & Rubber

ZnO is an important ingredient in the production of rubber due to its physical properties and its durability. It also acts as an accelerator in the vulcanisation process.


ZnO is commonly used in the ceramics industry to enable low thermal expansion and to create a glaze finish.

Paint & Coatings

ZnO has historically been used as the key white pigment in paint. Its other benefits include UV absorbance, colour retention and increased durability.

Agricultural (fertilizer)

ZnO is used throughout the agricultural sector as a key ingredient in fertilizer helping to improve a crop’s longevity, health and overall yield.